5 Successful Poker Players in the World


5 Successful Poker Players in the World

Most people play card games like pokerclub 88 as entertainment or entertainment when saturated. But what if Poker becomes one of the promising professions? In fact, there are some people who have succeeded in becoming professional poker and living in a treasure.

Indeed this is not new and has proven its truth. Following this we will share a list of the 5 most successful poker players in the world who have large amounts of wealth. Who are you curious about? the following is a complete review.


5 Best and Most Successful Poker Players

1.) Antonio Esfandiari- $ 24,875,466
Antonio's real name is Amir Esfandiari who was born in Tehran, Iran. Antonio started playing poker when he was 20 years old and consistently practiced his skills to be at the top of a poker tournament. In fact, he is referred to as the youngest poker player ever to win the World Poker Tour Championship. He never knew anxiety and had amazing abilities in turning his money on a poker table. He also got the nickname The Magician. Last June, he participated in a world poker tournament and could only be ranked fourth. However, the money obtained is 15 billion rupiah.

2.) Daniel Negrean- $ 18,392,103
Daniel is a figure who is well known among professional gamblers. He is a man who pursues pokerace 99 and is willing to leave college to become a professional poker player. Because of his perseverance, now he can reach it lightly and dreams are not just dreams. For this reason, he was happy to have to move to Las Vegas, which was popular with the game. He holds a five-time World Series title, two world tour poker titles and 35 victories worldwide.

3.) Erik Seidel - $ 17,668. 941
Born in New York, Erik was not a poker player but a professional backgammon player for about eight years. His first major tournament as a gambling player occurred in 1988 when he entered the Poker World Series and he got a runner-up position. Himself said he was born only to be a gambler. Even up to now, there are seven world series bracelets that he has pocketed and currently he lives in Las Vegas. Seeing his playing record, now he has won first place 23 times.

4.) Phil Ivey- $ 14,791,952
The Atlantic City tournament became the first success for Ivey to win the poker championship tournament when he was only 23 years old. At this young age, he has collected nine bracelets and all come from the Poker World Series. He became popular after winning the poker challenge which was submitted by a mathematician named Andy Beal in 2006 ago and is now available for approximately 23 total wins.

5.) John juanda- $ 13,218,309
John Juanda is one of the professional gamblers from Medan, Indonesia. He won the five-time World Series of Poker (WSOP). Previously he had never thought the slightest thought would make poker his way of life. It turned out that John had begun to get to know gambling from a small age where he played marbles to get money.

Those are the names of 5 successful poker republik players in the world, where there are those from Indonesia.